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New! App Review: Bear

Learn about Bear, a fantastic and super-flexible write-anywhere-at-anytime content creation app available for Macs, iPads, and iPhones.

Anybody who creates text content either for a living or for fun, knows that the process requires a considerable commitment of time and effort.

(Sidenote for those of you who think writing is easy: it's not.)

Bear is a content creation app that can make the effort involved in writing and editing a little less laborious. This review covers all the goodness right here.

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Updated! Marketing Lingo

Learn to speak digital marketing. It's easy! This article shows you how!

Is that marketer that you just hired spouting all sorts of gibberish that makes you wonder if the money you're paying is actually helpful to your cause? Are you reading the on-line docs fir your fave analytics tool and have no clue what it is talking about? Or do you just what to know what the heck is a SERP anyway? Some kind of tent that is used in cold weather?

Nope, its all just part of the crazy mixed up world of digital markting lingo. Learn what it all means in this always chaotic marketing lingo post.

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New! Cleaning Data in Excel

A collection of great tips of cleaning all that errant and misbehaving data using Excel.

Excel is a powerful tool for both data analysis and data visualization. However, the program's greatest strength is its ability to manipulate and transform data using a combination of tools and functions.

This article offers some top tips on how to utilize Excel's power effectively to clean and transform your data into a format usable for analysis.

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New! Rethinking the marketing message

Its always worth taking the time to reflect on the message we should be sending to consumers.

As marketers its important that we constantly evaluate the big-picture message that we are sending to consumers as we do our jobs.

This article considers hiw we as marketers should be thinking about the messges we send to consumers nad makign sure the value that we offer is commensurate with our connection to the consumer's needs.

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