Here is a quick rundown to much of the marketing lingo that you will be hearing. Please note this page is updated frequently due to the rapidly changing landscape of terms and lingo in the world of digital marketing.

marketing funnel
an abstraction of the road a prospect takes to conversion: wide at one end and narrow at the other.
This shape signifies the fact that there are a large number of prospects who start the journey through the funnel and a smaller number who complete the conversion.
key perfomance indicator
traffic that arrive on your site from an unpaid search
traffic that arrived through a paid seach campaign
a link from another website that is not a search engine
a url that typed directly into a browser window.
high quaity traffic
traffic that arrives on your web site and interacts with the content or completes a conversion. High bounce rates indicate low quality traffic: people are arriving on the site but are not engaging with content.
the mechanism that delivered users to your site. Examples include
  • organic
  • cpc
  • email
  • referral
  • none
the part of the url that follows the domain name