A little background, history, and context

lz’s first real job was working support for a tech company and helping people get their applications running. Since then, he has spent his life working with computer and earned a living as everything from a network adminsitrator to a website developer and content marketer.

This blog is mostly just his way of immersing himself in the content he knows and loves.

lz is passionate about the web, marketing, and communication. But mostly he is passionate about doing it all the right way. Don't spam the world with junk. Don't exploit loopholes, ignorance, and lack of experience and education. Yes, everyone wants to make some money, but marketing isn't about money. Marketing is about connecting people who share the same passions.

everything here is mostly his opinion so take it with a grain of salt.

workarounds, way out ideas, doing things every way but the right way, this is how lz thinks and what lz does.

nothing on this site is guaranteed to work a little or even to work at all.

and don’t even think about trying to make money off it

but it’s his site and he loves it just fine.