Los Zombios: About

On the nature and origin of Los Zombios


The origin of this blog lies in two fundamental truths.

1) The best way to learn something is to write about it.

2) The best way to learn something better is to try to explain it to others, even if no one is listening.

Just say what you want to say out loud, and you’ll understand it better then if you kept it quiet and hidden inside.

Though everything needs time to gestate as well, and gains both value and meaning in the process.

And so this blog was born…


This blog combines everything I love, and that I constantly work with and study: art, design, layout, statistics, data, code, web, and writing. A whole list of wide-ranging and seemingly disparate skills, but yet combined around the one thing that unifies them all: marketing.

Because, in the end, that’s where it all ends up.


It’s important to realize the origin of this blog defines its usage and its purpose.

This blog is not meant to be a definitive statement of clarity and vision.

Most of the content on this blog is strictly opinion and even what is “fact” is filtered by lenses of subjectivity and error and personal process.

We all do things our own way.

We all find a method that works for us.

We make adjustments to compensate for failures and inconsistencies.

We try to to do it better the next time.

Iterate, adjust, adapt.

Iterate some more.

This blog is an exploration of possibilities.

So if you end up reading some posts in this blog, take them as a starting point for your own explorations, not as an ending point where an answer is given and all further questions stop.

Maybe these posts will lead you in new and unanticipated directions.

Maybe they will give you new thoughts that you never had before.

Maybe they will provide one possible answer to one possible question and then in turn suggest other questions.

The Posts

Due to the nature of the web and marketing, the posts in this blog are updated often as I stumble across new information or have new thoughts or insights about the topics covered here. In that sense, no post is ever really finished, but rather all are evolving constantly, some more rapidly than others.

A standard approach to writing on the web is that most stuff should be written at a fairly low-grade level, somewhere around a 4th grade level of education in the context of a US-based educational paradigm.

This blog does not do that.

This blog tries to avoid jargon and overly technical terminology as much as possible, but it writes to the level of knowledge needed for a particular topic.

The wall of text is an always dreaded experience that this blog tries to avoid by breaking things up with lists and headers and keeping posts and paragraphs reasonably short. But in the end, the posts are written as they need to be.

Some posts will be more difficult to read, some less so.


In the wake of GDPR and people’s understandable concern about privacy, I should point out that this site does use cookies and tags in the form of Google Analytics and possibly Google Adwords.

This is not meant in any way as an invasion of privacy, but just a way to study how people come to and interact with this blog.

This blog does not ask for any personal information other than what is tracked by the Google tools.

I do nothing with any information collected by Google Analytics except study it to observe how people are coming to and interacting with this blog.

I don’t send emails.

I have no newsletter.

I offer no eBooks in exchange for your email address.

I have no products to sell or leads to gather.

If you are interested enough to read some of these posts or even one solitary post on this blog, then I thank you for your interest and am honored that you found one of my explanations at least interesting enough to spend a few minutes of your valuable time reading.

Full information about cookies is on the site policy and disclaimer page.


On a technical note, this site is written in static HTML on a variety of different code editors and uses Bootstrap 4 for a lot of the base CSS and JavaScript functionality. It adheres as much as possible to Google’s best practices for mobile optimization and SEO and user experience. It uses structured data in the form of JSON-LD using the vocabulary of schema.org. However all of these things are targets that are constantly moving and evolving, so this blog just like anything is a constantly evolving creation. Most of the content is written using Bear, a fabulous writing app that I have no association with other than I think it’s awesome and makes this work a lot easier. I write mostly on my iPhone 8 Plus with support from my MacBook Pro when I need the bigger screen.

If you are interested, the fonts used are Philosopher for the body text, which I think is oddly but succinctly appropriate, and Bree Serif for the headings, both hosted by Google Fonts.

And that, as they say, is that…


Boston, MA

July 2018