Marketing Lingo

Here's a glossary of some the marketing lingo that gets used in the industry. All of the terms are simplified as much as possible. Please note this page is updated frequently due to the rapidly changing landscape of terms and lingo in the world of digital marketing and SEO.

A table of marketing terms, acronyms, and phrases
Term Definition Note
attribution an action that gets the credit for goals and conversions figuring out what particular aspect of a makreting campaign lead to a customer completing a significant and desired action can sometimes be difficult. Attribution is the process of assigning credit for a conversion or goal to one or a series of actions.
conversion an action on the website that is taken by a user and advances your business goals The concept of conversion has to do with the fact that a visitor is converting from one state to another by taking that action. A visitor may be converting to a lead. Or to a customer. The specifics of the conversion are decided by the business goals and process.
high quality traffic users who interact with the web site Users who arrive on a site and leave immediately are low quality. High quality traffic is users who interact with the site and generate goals and conversions. High quality traffic is the desired result of paid search and SEO optimazations.
kpi key perfomance indicator These are the numbers that you can look at to evaulate the success of your marketing campaign. These should be determined in advance as a way to determine if your campaign is working or not. They should be as specific as possible. A kpi is neither a goal or a conversion, but a measurement tool. A kpi does not produce income, but rather is a way to objectively measure how a campaign is performing.
marketing funnel An abstraction of the customer acquistion process Visualized as a funnel-shaped object: wide at one end and narrow at the other. This shape signifies the fact that there are a large number of prospects who start the journey through the funnel and a smaller number who complete the conversion.
organic unpaid search traffic traffic that arrives at a site as a reult of the unpaid listing in a search result page. Essentially the opposite of ppc.
ppc Pay Per Click Essentially a euphemism for paid search. One bids to have their ad appear on a search results page whenn certain keywords are typed in by a searcher. This is a way that a page with low SEO ranking can leap fro organ results in the listings.
referral traffic that arrives on the site by following a link from another site This is basically any link that is not a part of search engine results page.